GOGOL IN CLUJ/CARDIFF BETWEEN 21-23 MARCH, 2013 How Power is nurtured by fear

As the link above states, now it’s time. The workshop will take place this weekend. I am flying to Budapest in the morning for further transport to Cluj and the Gogolworkshop. I strongly advise all of You who have been involved to follow the discussions that will be documented her on this blog.

Here is the workshop programme

And here is a participants listparticipants (2)

The main organiser for the event is above all Dr. Rita Seberstyen and an inteview with her will added be inplace here at the Gogolblog. It is a bit like a ballon that has a life of its own. It will be interesting to follow its future flight! So To Be Continued Greetings!
If You have any comments to the Cluj /Cardiff nodes please post here on blog!

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AHH that was fun…

Today it is possible to continue the discussions on the various topics that occured yesterday but also off course by new themes. The main activity seems to happen at the Facebookgroup – see link at top right–>

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What questions are we concerned about regarding the themes connected to the act of corruption? Hedmark University College, Norway

A thoroughly rotten society fosters decay. Symbolically a dead body rots or a rotting tree dies. In a society the decay plants it self downwards in the system.
This what happens in many developing countries or dictatorships. People don’t seem to be able to escape from this problem. Existentially corruption and acts of corruption will always harm the weakest link in the chain, and often with serious consequences for the victims involved.
Any form of extremity will lead to poor life quality.
Is economic power the main reason causing corruption?

Is loosing status or position within a society/community or system a reason for committing corrupt acts?
Why? One cannot stand to lose?
Thats why we ca find individuals cheating in achieving position in society. One can buy status
or obtaining advantages in competition situations.

How do we recognize the “grey areas”?:
What is the difference between corruption and paying a favor to a friend?
Musicians on Cuba are payed more than medical doctors in the country, but in exchange they must be silent and not express themselves about critic worthy situations in the country.
Apprentices do favours for each other without reporting.
Working or hiring people without reporting to legal authorities.

Det eksitensielle:
Et pillrottent samfunn avler fordervelse. Symbolikk: et kadaver er rottent. Et rottent tre.
I en samfunn forplanter fordervelsen nedover i systemet. Nettopp som i en masse U-land og diktatur. Folk slipper ikke unna. Eksitensielt vil det gå utover det svakeste leddet ofte med svært alvorlige konsekvenser.
Økonomisk makt.
Enhver form for ekstremisme i et samfunn vil føre til dårligere livskvalitet.

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Hi. Thank you all participants from Høgskolan Väst,Hedmark University College, Namibia and others for a very challenging Gogol Open Space day. I also thank you Åse for taking on such an original challenge to lead this kind of an event. We have all experienced and learned a lot about the topic. I really want to give my applauds and appreciation to all the artistic contributions shown by the interesting and exiting different plays that were filmed and presented today. I think it is important to emphasize the fact that theatre art has a very strong voice if it’s form and content meets the needs of targeted groups. All the performances were fascinating and engaging.

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Discussion broadcast


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going mobile


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Status: http://todaysmeet.com/Staus

Grey area: http://todaysmeet.com/greyarea

Existens : http://todaysmeet.com/existens

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Discussion broadcast.


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“Road Kill – 100% veimat” – the video is uploaded now!!

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Ways to participate:

There are several ways to participate during the day. With varying levels of interaction.


If you want to watch what is happening in Trollhättan, University west, you can look at our live stream on Bambuser here, there is an embedded chat function beside the video.


We will update the blog at https://gogoltalk.wordpress.com/ during the day and urge you to post comments and actively take part in the discussions using the comment functionality on the blog.


There is a Google Document that is open for everyone to edit and collaborate here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/19S5l41lGR07DTg641o_iDIGHOKfwiXDPLAjXyszvqzQ/edit?usp=sharing 

We have also set up a chat/comment system on http://todaysmeet.com/GOGOL where you can post informal comments and discuss ideas. You just have to write a screen name and then start chatting, no need to sign up for a service or anything.


And if you want to use Twitter just use the hashtag #GOGOL13 so we can all follow the discussion, there is also http://live.twingly.com/gogol were you can follow the discussions without being on twitter yourselves.

This list can be updated should new areas of communication arrise during the day. Please post any thoughts in the comment field below.

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